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Mobile App Development

We offer a full cycle of mobile app development that is based on collaboration and transparency in order to provide outstanding development services user experiences across all mobile devices. There really are custom iOS and Android mobile apps available.

Web-App Development

We innovate many technologies and respond to industry needs in order to provide customers with a comprehensive range of services. We use a variety of tools and frameworks in web application development to ensure that we always provide the best solution to customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Linkosys offers premium AI solutions that deliver intelligent and data-driven insights to make your AI vision a reality, as well as Image & Video, Text to Speech, and Business Intelligence. Business, Data Forecasting, Natural Language Processing, and Data Analytics.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology programming has a wide range of applications in various industries, but the benefits of using Blockchain technology remain consistent and are based on: transparency, immutability, redundancy, and security.

Data and Analytics

We offer analytics, business, process, and system insights to help you consolidate, analyze, and visualize data to generate actionable information. Through business decisions, you can increase customer value and operational efficiency.

Offshore Development Center

Our experts can serve as your outsourced IT department, providing end-to-end solutions to all of your technology issues in a timely and efficient manner. We’re all taking advantage of our size for your benefit.

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We know how to create outstanding digital products based on our years of experience and numerous completed projects. It makes no difference whether you come to us with an idea or to improve the quality of an existing project.
Our diverse team of experts is ready to assist you in shaping your vision. We will create a solution that meets your company's needs and values.

  • Professional Moblie App of Prestige
  • Web-App Development Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Blockchain Technology Programming
  • Data and Analytics
  • Remote IT Sourcing Division
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A Suitable Mobile App

You can work with us to build a suitable mobile app! We develop native iOS and Android apps that go above and beyond your expectations. We'll be looking for smooth navigation, intuitiveness, usability, and responsiveness.

- Cross-platform development
- Android Development
- iOS Development

Programming languages:
- Flutter
- Kotlin
- Fast React Native

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A Brand New Web Solution

We know how to get results and create websites that people love. We will assist you in developing an entirely new web solution. We introduce innovations that benefit your business by utilizing proven technologies. Your product is subjected to numerous tests and improvements thanks to agile principles before it is put into operation.

- ReactJS
- AngularJS
- Angular

- Ruby (Rails)
- Node
- Java

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Models and Normalizing Data

Our team is well-versed in linear algebra, probability theory, statistics, and advanced math. This knowledge aids in the development of algorithms as well as the storage and processing of information derived from the massive amounts of data generated by AI technology in each application.
AI perceives the world by building models and normalizing data. For example, it must process photos, videos, audio, strings, and output inputs.

Programming languages for AI:
- Python
- C ++
- Java
- Lisp
- Prolog

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A Blockchain-based Application

When developing a blockchain-based application, we must define how the application data will map to the blockchain data model. For example, when developing a DApp on the Ethereum blockchain, we must understand how to represent the application state in terms of the Solidity data structure and how to express the application behavior in terms of the contract. Ethereum is a smart currency.

C++, C#, Java, Python, Simplicity, Solidity, and other languages are required for blockchain development.

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Raw data is turned into actionable insights

We search and extract information from your massive data sets using software and programming tools. These data are frequently jumbled and disjointed.

To transform raw data into actionable insights, consider the type of data you have (qualitative or quantitative?) as well as the types of insights that will be useful in specific contexts.

We assist you in understanding the current business situation so that you can correct past mistakes and make better decisions in the future based on concrete data that is free of emotions or judgment.

Some data analysis tools:
- Python
- Apache Spark
- Tableau
- Microsoft Power BI

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To Better Serve Customers' Changing Needs

We are moving quickly, reviewing our businesses and brands, and taking bold steps to better serve the changing needs of customers. With our excellent environment that promotes values such as integrity, inclusiveness, and diversity, you will have the opportunity to challenge the status quo and shape the future for the better.

For this opportunity, candidates with significant experience as a strategic sourcing partner must be proficient in IT categories such as:
- Software (both on-premises and SaaS)
- Hardware (clients and infrastructure)
- Network & Telecommunications
- IT Services

Commitment to Services

Linkosys is always aware that customers are the most important factor determining our future and development. Our responsibility is to serve and satisfy our customers' business needs. Linkosys relies heavily on its customers.

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It is a great help in applications because it is an innovation of many modern technologies. Services are highly aligned with your goals, stakeholder satisfaction, and efficiency requirements in your business processes.

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We believe that our excellent service and high-quality products at extremely low prices will result in more orders than ever before.

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We offer free advice from most sources based on our experience.

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