Software Development Process

Step 1: Pre-Project Consulting

How can we assist you?
Listening and asking questions is the first step in our custom software development process. We learn about your company and project to better understand your requirements and determine if Linkosys is a good fit. If we believe we can assist your organization, we will work with you to develop a preliminary proposal.

Step 2: Engagement

Prepare the paperwork
We'd like you to understand some important details about our services at this point, such as our project approach, costs, billing, and support. The majority of the information in this second step of our software development process is industry standard, but it's critical that both parties understand what to expect from each other during our time working together.

Step 3: Discovery

Gathering and planning intelligence
Your project begins long before we begin writing code. Coding is concerned with technologies and languages, but preparing for a software project entails a broader process of understanding your business, how you'll measure ROI, user needs, potential risks, and future opportunities. We'll accomplish this through discussion, sketching out workflows, and deciding on solutions.

Step 4: Development

Developing your product
All of our design and development practices are geared toward creating software that is maintainable, extensible, and simple to use. In this fourth step of our software development process, we start with the most important features to deliver the most value early on.

Step 5: Launch and support

The first release: You hire us to create custom software to earn or save money. Software cannot achieve either goal until it is released. We assist you in determining the best hosting, licensing, and distribution mechanism for your system during this stage of the custom software development process.
We're in it for the long haul: Whether you're a startup or have your own technical staff, we're here to help you maintain and extend your application over time. After the initial stages of the software development process are completed, our team will be available for ongoing assistance. Because of the high quality of our work, your maintenance costs will be minimal.
The easy part is that all of your software artifacts are kept in a repository. If we ever need to roll back a feature, we always have a safe, dependable landing point available.


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