Recommend using the following services:

  • Design an online store: Linkosys’s team will contact you to learn about your business, and help to shape the vision of an online store and provide input to help you fulfill its business goals. We will then build an e-commerce store that is customized to achieve your vision and showcase its products in compelling ways.
  • Design with mobile responsive support: We will design and develop your e-commerce site with mobile responsive support.
  • Setup your web store: We will support the production of products from the old system, ensuring mapping of product attributes such as size and color. 
  • Launch of your web store: After completing the new e-commerce store design and entering your product line, we will be ready for a fully functional launch store and ready to take orders as soon as launched.
  • Training session to help you to manage product catalogs online: Once your e-commerce store is up and running, we will set a time to meet with your group in order to show them how to reach its full potential.

This cost included the construction of your e-commerce site and the migration of all existing products. As follows:

  • Strategic advice – Our team will contact you to learn more about your brand and online business goals. We will also provide suggestions to help you achieve your goals through e-commerce. 
  • E-commerce website design – Our team will embark on designing a custom online store. This shop will have a special look. It will also attract your customers’ attention and make them easy to become buyers. 
  • Set up an e-commerce website – We will import your product line from the existing sales website platform into your new store. 
  • Launching of an e-commerce website – After your product design and import is completed, we will take your online store directly. This store will be operational as soon as it launches and you can sell from the first day.
  • E-commerce store training session – We will arrange a time to contact your team and show them how to manage your online store, check key performance metrics, and improve your storefront. Your e-commerce over time. This paves the way for a seamless transition so you can take over store management without any problems.

Cloud-based e-commerce platform – This will help you to avoid the cost for physical infrastructure and IT personnel, and without worrying about setup and maintenance work.

The following server configuration in order to run:

  • System: Unix, Linux or Windows.
  • Web server: Apache Web Server 2.2 or later version PHP: PHP 7.1 or later
  • MySQL: Recent version is recommended (5.6 minimum).

Recommended AWS Cloud (Amazon EC2):

  • Operating system (Linux)
  • Quantity (1)
    Storage for each EC2 instance (General Purpose SDD (gp2))
  • Storage amount (50GB)
  • Instance type (t3a.xlarge)

Outline some key functions on your e-commerce:

  • Managing the Catalog – Building and improving your catalog is the main way you will make your website live in the eyes of the customer. This is where your shop becomes a reality, creating content, and thus giving value to your online presence. This contains the following sections: Managing Products | Categories | Catalog | Product Attributes | Product Features | Manufacturers | Suppliers | Attachments …
  • Managing Orders – As a shop manager, you will have to deal with heaps of orders and their accompanying invoices and customer support requests. The daily task of handling numerous orders can be daunting. We help you wade through them all and successfully handle your customers’ purchases quickly. This contains the following sections: Orders | Invoices | Merchandise Returns | Delivery Slips | Credit Slips | Statuses …
  • Managing Customers – You have to take good care of your customers. That means making sure their profile contains all the information you need to have a package shipped to them, following up on their support requests, knowing which orders have been completed and which have been abandoned, … This contains the following sections: Your customers | Customer addresses | Customer Groups | Shopping Carts | Customer Service …
  • Creating Price Rules and Vouchers – Vouchers play an important role in your daily relationships with your customers. Price rules can take two forms: Cart rules and Catalog price rules.
  • Managing Shipping – How you choose to ship your products is a key element to the management and success of your store. Luckily, we make it easy for you to handle it all in just a few screens.
  • Managing Modules and Themes – You can be installed/uninstalled and configured as desired, in order to customize and complete your shop. You can make it possible to turn your shop into exactly what you intend it to do, instead of you having to comply with constraints that you did not choose – provided you can find the module that does exactly what you need. This contains the following sections: Your Modules | Modules and Themes Catalog | Front office Positions | Payment Settings.