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We’ll tailor the amount and level of consultancy to your needs. So, whether you’re an SME looking for initial consultation and project delivery, or an IT manager with an in-house team, looking for further expertise and resource or guidance at a tactical level, we can help.

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Five step IT consultancy process to make sure you are provided with all the information, help and support you need

  • Analyse

    Before we begin any project, we’ll take the time to fully understand your needs, vision, and the desired outcomes you have.

  • Plan

    Only once we’ve gained that understanding, will we start to put a full plan into place. You can be sure of transparent and effective communication, which allows for flexibility in the consultancy

  • Design

    We’ll then bring together all of the information found in our analysis and planning stages, to design your vision, which we can then deliver.

  • Deliver

    Once we’ve gotten the designs, we can start to bring your roadmap to life, to bring you one step closer to achieving your business goals.

  • Manage

    Whether you require day-to-day management, or top-level support, we’ll be on-hand to help, working towards constant improvement for the future.

You will work alongside our expert team who can advise, consult, deliver, manage and support you

  • In tune with your strategy

    We’ll get to know you and your business and build an ICT strategy that fits seamlessly with your business culture and goals.

  • Business & technical expertise

    Our team has a wealth of commercial and technical ability and will be on-hand to share their expertise throughout your organisation, at all levels.

  • Project management

    We’ll take the pressure off you, as we’ll manage progress, risk, costs, quality and adherence to timescales.

  • Future proof your business

    We’ll work with you to identify areas for future improvement and assess any potential risk

  • Optimise for success

    The solutions we’ll recommend will be totally aligned with your objectives, to support your growth and overall success.

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Explore the individual IT consultancy services offered by Linkosys below

Understanding your IT landscape is essential to getting the most from it.
You need to be confident that your IT strategy is perfectly aligned with your plans, to help drive your business forward, benefiting from cost-savings, increased productivity and efficiencies.

Businesses change over time, so it’s important your IT strategy evolves with you. Many businesses find that as they grow, their IT infrastructure is unable to cope with new demands placed on it.

Understanding what data your business owns and processes is key to ensuring its security. Data breaches are more likely to occur where there is a lack of knowledge about how data is being handled within your business. Data Privacy consultancy is a great way to ensure you’re taking the right action to keep your staff and customer data safe.

Data is one of your business’ most valuable assets. The news today seems full of reports of companies failing to protect their data, from laptops being left on trains to high profile companies having customers’ credit card data stolen by hackers.

IT project management can be a daunting task, with specialist knowledge needed to ensure the best solution is delivered with minimal disruption to your business.

Data is one of the most valuable assets in your business, so it’s important to know you’re getting the most from it. However, with separate systems operating in isolation, there can be duplication and a lack of overall visibility. Making sure your systems and processes are working together seamlessly is key to understanding your business end-to-end.

Linkosys experts, we are always responsive to your diverse needs and you feel like we are part of your company, not just an outside provider of IT solutions and services.
Tri Nghiem, Chairman and Founder of LINKOSYS